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Sleep Innovations has come up with a unique Mattress series for all age group. For the kids, elderly people, newlyweds and the women, we have a different series of Mattresses for everyone.

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Did you know about the problems that a bad Mattress can bring? A good night's sleep is essential for a healthy start of the day. But a bad Mattress makes it impossible and you end up turning sides on the bed whole night. This affects your health, posture, and daily routine since you are not able to concentrate on work and feel lazy all day. If you are struggling with the same situation, it’s high time you should change your mattress.

The highest level of comfort is possible with a good mattress! And using Sleep Innovations to discover one is the safest option. In order to ensure proper alignment of the bones and muscles, our ideal mattress has an ergonomic design that understands the sleeping pattern of a body. An ergonomic product becomes a savior when people come home looking for a comfort and relaxation after a long day at work.

A superior bed frame is of no use if you don’t have a suitable mattress. And Sleep Innovations is the best place to buy a Mattress as per your body type and comfort. Therefore, selecting the proper one for yourself is a greater decision than you might realize, especially if you require one that is specially tailored for you. Sleep Innovations is a Mattress manufacturing company with a wide range of Mattress series, designed keep the requirement of users in consideration.

People think twice before they plan to buy Mattress online and to make it simple and easy for you, our team of industry experts are always available to assist you. All you need to consider is comfort, durability, strength and style. Above all, if you go on an internet mattress buying spree to find your perfect one today, you may come across several types and understand their benefits!

Following are the basic points to consider before selecting the best Mattress for you.

  • Firmness
  • Spring
  • Body types
  • Pricing
  • Overall comfort

Sleep Innovations has come up with a unique Mattress series for all age group. For the kids or an elderly people, for the newlyweds starting their life together or the lady boss at home, we have covered it all for you. We have a different series of Mattress for everyone.


A perfect Mattress for Perfect Couple

…well it is life’s greatest and most essential experiences – a good night’s sleep with someone else in your bed, beside you all the time! For the newlyweds it is essential to learn that it is wise to spend a little extra time and money to make sure you get the right mattress the one that lasts longer. A firm bed resists rather than confronting to the natural position of your body. Therefore, your body must constantly adjust in order to get comfortable; sometime as much as 60 to 80 times a night.

Finally a Mattress that has HER Gentleness and HIS Firmness

MAGIC MOMENTS has Natural Latex foam and dust resistant fabrics that dissipate heat and moisture promotes good sleep.

This Mattress give Orthopedic Support for long term correctness of the spine. A supportive mattress will help maintain good spinal alignment during the night, while comfort deals more with preference regarding feel and firmness.

Comfort Layer: A layer of Natural Latex which provides ultimate comfort and support and adjusts to your sleep movement.

Support System: Special S.I. Pad developed with Cotton fiber for breathability with a touch of softness Bonnell spring for firm yet appreciable support.

Foam Encased: Edge support technology provide edge to edge support resulting in larger sleep surface.

Flexi Knitted Fabric: The cover is made with an upholstery-grade with organic properties hybrid knit that’s designed to stand up to years of use.

Introducing VEGAS

Because WOMEN deserve the BEST

Vegas is a part of Sleep Innovations Pocket Collection; consisting of 1000 individual pocket springs encased in Unicase border – a carefully designed mattress perimeter that protects the springs, preventing the mattress from sagging. Featuring a deep layer of MEMORY FOAM resisting on top of the springs and finished in a silky-soft Super Knitted cover, the Memory Sensitive offers supreme comfort, support and freshness all night long. The Pocket Spring sensitive mattress is constructed to provide all the unique benefits for spinal alignment, pressure relief and exceptional comfort.

A perfect Choice for the PERFECT BEING

Comfort: The Mattress must be a “perfect fit for a women’s body, not too soft and certainly not too firm, it must strike the perfect balance of comfort and support to compliment a women’s curves. It has to provide pressure relief and support for your hips, back and shoulders. Our Mattresses are made of responsive foam as a transition layer to increase comfort above the Spring base to give perfect balance of comfort and support for a woman’s silhouette.

Temperature: The preference of a warm or cool sleep seemed to be pretty evenly divided. Humidity was also a big factor when trying to sleep. Women wanted a sleep environment with a perfect balance of optimum temperature and dryness. Mattress Upholstery is made of pure cotton to providing a micro climate for a cooler, dryer more comfortable sleep.

Hypo allergic Surface: Allergies, dust mites and general cleanliness of the mattress were major issues addressed in our force groups. Purotex is an active probiotic that can be used in textiles like covers. Y encapsulating and infusing natural probiotics into the mattress cover, a mattress is capable of providing a consistently clean and fresh sleep surface.

Introducing MIAMI

A special series for Elderly People

It goes without saying that as our age progresses, we try to put up with the little aches and pains that life throws on us. Even if we’ve managed to avoid certain major chronic conditions, the chances are that we tend to feel rather stiff now and then. We tend to tell ourselves that this is something normal, a natural consequence of us getting older, but if you are feeling joint tension or pain in your back, shoulder, hips or neck, it can be prevented with the Right mattress.

Miami is the best mattress for elderly. The Latex foam materials are of different densities. As a result, the mattress is excellent for reducing pressure on the joints and back. The firmness of this senior mattress is medium. The bound of the innerspring foundation layer and the pronounced push-back of the mattress deliver a sensational and relaxing sleep.

Benefits of using Miami Series Mattress for Elderly People:

  • To give the bouncy effect and natural feel to stay close to the nature
  • Provide firm orthopedic support for correct alignment to the back.
  • Contours the body in a nice manner.
  • Keeps the body cool while you are asleep thanks to its temperature-regulating ability
  • Great construction that helps to relieve pressure on the back and other parts of the body.

It’s time to consider Mattress that listen to your body, bring home Sleep Innovations Mattress today…


Mattress especially made for Kids

Kids grow up fast and we only want what’s best for our children so they can grow up healthy and strong. Hence, the need to find a comfortable bed, suitable for their size that won’t sag, provide pressure relief, is not uncomfortable to skin and break after a few years.

What makes the American Teen Groovy different?

Experience the all new technology plus enhanced comfort with the perfect contour mattress. These mattresses are scientifically engineered to customised for pressure relief, provides air flow for cool consistent sleep and flex for support. With comfort Responsive ventilation and the strongest H.D Support Edge this mattress offers a luxurious and responsive Night Sleep.

Benefits of using American Teen Groovy Series Mattress for Kids:

  • Cuddle the Soft and Growing body of the child
  • Provide room for growth
  • Provide ideal comfort and long-lasting quality
  • Provide exceptional support for healthy growth
  • Provide varying feel and firmness levels

To give Orthopedic support for long time correctness of the spin. A supportive mattress will help maintain good spinal alignment during the night, while comfort deals more with preference regarding feel and firmness. If a child is not supported properly throughout their night’s rest, it can inhibit normal growth.

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